Motog6 Headphone Jack Replacement :Money Saving Tips

In today’s digital world, smartphones have become vital to our lifestyle. The headphone jack is an integral part of smartphones. Motog6 is a reliable smartphone that is well-known for its sleek design and incredible features.Motog6 also has exceptional sound quality, the headphone jack is liable to transmit audio signals. If your headphone jack has been damaged, you will be experiencing a destructive sound. Motog6 headphone jack replacement can restore and enhance sound quality. In this article, I will share expert tips about headphone jack replacement.

Motog6 headphone jack replacement
Motog6 headphone jack replacement

Signs to replace the headphone jack

It doesn’t matter how expensive a smartphone you have. However, with time, the headphone jack may encounter the following issues.

When you indicate these signs with your Motog6 headphone jack, then understand that you need to replace the headphone jack. Here are the following signs when you need to replace the headphone jack:


  • Physical damage
  • Loose connection
  • No sound output
  • Crackling sound

It’s Time to Replace the Motog6 Headphone Jack


After determining the issue, now is the time to replace the headphone jack of Motog6. Before replacing you need to gather some basic tools, with the help of these tools, you can effortlessly replace your headphone jack. Here are some necessary tools:

Necessary tools


After gathering all these necessary tools, you can now start the replacement without any frustration.

How to replace Headphones Jack


Now you have all the necessary tools, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of replacing the headphone jack of motog6. Follow these steps to successfully replace the headphone jack.

Step1: Power of your Motog6


Before replacing and repairing the headphone jack power off your motog6 completely.  It reduces the risk of any potential damage or short-circuiting. However, no need to power off the motog6 to fix the minor problem.

Step2:Remove the SIMcard tray


After powering off the motog6, it’s time to remove the SIM card tray. In most mobile phones, the SIM card is located on the side of the phone. Use a paperclip or sim card remover tool to eject the sim card tray.

Gently insert the device into the small hole and apply slight pressure until the tray pops out. After removing the tray set it aside for later use.

Step3:Remove the back cover


The plastic opening tool is used to remove the back cover. Insert a tool near a corner of the phone and slowly move around the edge of the phone releasing the clips that hold the cover in place.

You can also use  Once you have loosened all sides of the back cover, carefully lift it away from the phone. Put it aside.

Step4:Remove the Battery


Motog6 headphone has a non-removable battery. If you want to disconnect the battery from the motherboard use the plastic opening tools or tweezers efficiently. Ensure no power flows through the device during the replacement procedure.

Important note:

If you are a beginner, it is best suggested to contact Motorola’s customer support or visit an official website.

Step5:Remove the Internal  components


Get the proper knowledge about the removal components procedure. After getting proper knowledge, Remove the internal components such as;( the motherboard and other connectors) by using a small screwdriver. Carefully lift the motherboard and set it aside.

Step6:Disconnect the headphone jack Flex cable


The headphone jack flex cable is connected to the motherboard. Using a plastic opening tool or tweezers, carefully lift the connector latch.

Once the connector latch is removed, you can gently pull the headphone jack flex cable away from the connector on the motherboard. Warning, Don’t apply excessive force.

Step7:Install the new headphone, Jack


After disconnecting the headphone jack flex cable, it’s time to install a new headphone jack. Firstly, ensure the new headphone jack is compatible with the motog6 model.

Remove the damaged headphone jack from its position and set a new jack in the same position. Take note; If there was adhesive on the old jack, apply a suitable adhesive to the new jack to a secure fit.

Step8:Reassemble the device


Reverse all the previous steps to reassemble the mog6 device. Reconnect the battery and all the internal components carefully( start by reconnecting the headphone jack flex cable). Ensure all the parts are correctly attached.

Step9:Power on and test the MOTOG6


After reassembling the device, it’s time to test the functionality of the new headphone jack. Power on your motog6 device connect a pair of headphones and play audio to ensure there are no audio disturbances.

If there is no audio disturbance, Congratulations! You have successfully replaced the headphone jack on your Moto G6. 

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Related Questions


How to Repair the Headphone Jack

To repair the headphone jack, gather the necessary tools

  • Soldering  iron,
  • Soldering wire,
  • Desoldering pump or wick
  • Replacement headphone jack

After gathering the necessary tools take the next step to repair the headphone jack;

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Disconnect the power source
  3. Disassemble the device
  4. Remove the damaged jack
  5. Solder the new jack
  6. Test the repaired jack
  7. Secure the connections
  8. Reassemble the device

Test the headphone jack if it is not repaired, the only accurate solution is to replace the headphone jack. For more details see the YouTube video.

How to Fix Loose Headphone Jack


To fix the loose headphone jack connection follow the following steps;

  • Disconnect the audio cable from the jack and identify the cause of the looseness
  • Remove  the battery  from your device
  • If the jack is loose within the device, try to tighten it. After tightening the screws the issue is not solved, you may need to try another way.

The next method you can try is soldering or adhesive. Apply a small amount of adhesive to secure the jack and hold it firmly for a few minutes.

you can also use the super glue. After drying the adhesive test your headphones, If the issue is not fixed then ask for professional help.

Can I Use any Headphone jack for the Motog6 replacement?


yes, you can use any type of standard 3.5mm headphone jack for your Moto G6 device. Mostly, the Moto G6 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack that is best for the device.



Motog6 Headphone Jack Replacement requires your proper attention. By following the upper steps you can effortlessly replace or repair your headphone jack and can restore the functionality of your Moto G6 device.

However, if you feel uncomfortable replacing the jack then don’t take the risk.  It is recommended to seek professional help or visit a Moto G6 official website.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read the content.

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