JBL Headphones Button Stuck? Don’t Panic! Here’s How to Fix It

People all over the world use headphones for many purposes apart from listening to music and making calls. About 80% of people in the USA use headphones for listening to music. We have to face a lot of problems while using headphones. Just like there are problems with other headphones, it can also happen with JBL headphones. If you are using JBL headphones whose power button is stuck, then don’t worry. It is a common issue that almost everyone faces. This article will share how to fix the JBL headphones button stuck issue.

How to Fix JBL Headphones Button Stuck Issue


The reason why the button on your JBL headphones stuck


There could be several reasons why the button on your JBL headphones is stuck.

  • The button may be stuck due to accumulating dust or any debris on the button
  • There may be a defect in the manufacturing of JBL headphone
  • It may become worn down or damaged due to regular use
  • This may be due to a software issue

How to fix the JBL headphones Stuck button issue


Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you get the button unstuck and back to enjoying your music.

Identify the problem button


Before fixing the JBL headphone stuck button, it is essential to know which button is causing the problem. Is it the play button, volume button, pause button, or some other button? Before fixing the button, Ensure the issue is not in the headphone jack or wire. When you know the problem, then you will be able to focus on that issue.

Use a  Toothpick or a Pin


A toothpick or needle is one of the most common ways to fix your JBL headphone stuck button.
Sometimes, the common cause of a stuck button on JBL headphones is accumulated dust or dirt around the button.

To fix the issue you need to clean your headphones. To clean your headphone button, gently insert a needle or toothpick into the gap around the stuck button and move it around it. It can help to clean any dirt or debris that causes the stuck button.

Use a Lubricant


If the button is still stuck after cleaning, You may need to utilize the lubricant to loosen the headphone button. Apply a small amount of WD-40, rubbing alcohol, or other oils to the JBL headphone button.

After applying WD-40 on the button, press it for a few minutes to spread equally. Don’t overuse lubricants, as they may cause damage the headphone button.

Replace the headphone button


If none of the above solutions worked, the final and last solution you may need is to replace the headphone button. Replacing the button may require some experience. If you feel comfortable replacing the headphone button then you can.
Firstly, before replacing the JBL headphone button, power off your headphone. Secondly, Use a small screw to pry out the old headphone button. Thirdly, Place the new button in the same spot as the old button. Finally, after replacing the headphone button, test your headphones.

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Prevent the  button on JBL headphones from getting stuck


To prevent the buttons on your JBL headphones from getting stuck, You can follow these tips

  1. Use a soft cloth to clean your headphones regularly
  2. Don’t press the button too hard
  3. Store your headphones properly
  4. Don’t  use your headphones in wet condition

By following the overhead you can protect your headphone button from getting stuck

JBL headphones charging but not turning on


JBL headphones are famous for their excellent sound, best quality, and fabulous design. Sometimes, due to a technical problem headphones charge but do not turn on. Here are some troubleshooting tips to solve this problem.

  1. The first thing to do when facing this problem is to check the battery level of your headphones. If the battery is low, try to charge the headphones. If the headphone does not turn on after unplugging from the charger, then it could be a problem with your charger. Try to change your charger if it is not working properly.
  2. If the above step is not helpful,  try another method to fix it. The second method to fix the issue is to try to rest your headphones. To restart your headphones, hold and press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. Doing so will restart your headphones. If it does not work, repeat this process.

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The headphone amplifier not working

  Final Thoughts


If you are facing a JBL headphone button stuck issue. There are several solutions that you can try before replacing the headphone buttons.

Cleaning the headphone buttons, using a lubricant, restarting the JBL headphone, and Updating the firmware are all solutions that you can try. However, If the problem cannot be resolved with these solutions, it may be time to replace the headphone button.

If none of the above steps are helpful, It is best to contact JBL support. They will guide you on what to do next and help to fix the issue.

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